Insurance Services

At Wallace & Associates, we are proud to leverage our 30 years of industry experience to provide diverse insurance services to our clients. As an independent agency located in Marion, Texas, we collaborate with over 30 A+ rated companies, ensuring a broad spectrum of high-quality insurance solutions that cater to various customer needs.

Types of Insurance Services Provided

Decades of Insurance Experience

Based in Marion, Texas, we have been serving our community for over three decades. This vast experience enables us to understand our clients’ needs better and provide personalized insurance services that suit them best. We take pride in our heritage and our ability to combine our knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional services.

Collaborative Approach

As an independent agency, we have the freedom to collaborate with various industry-leading companies. Our partnerships extend to over 30 A+ rated companies. This extensive network allows us to offer a broad spectrum of high-quality insurance solutions to our clients. Whether you’re an individual seeking a specific coverage type or a business looking for comprehensive protection, we have the resources, experience, and commitment to ensure your peace of mind. Trust us with your insurance needs and experience the difference our dedicated service can make.

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